Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wanelo will be my undoing.

Wanelo. You are an evil genius. Getting young consumers to view trending products that look like they came straight from a 18 year old's Pinterest board. Everything is cute, sparkly, and sometimes laced with sarcasm. How could I resist? When searching products, you aren't just using a keyword, but a hashtag. A FREAKING HASHTAG. This is where fashion and products meet social media. You can of course like a product, share etc. The usual trending items are usually 1. Disney related. 2. Floral anything. 3. Pillows or shirts with a quote on it. Not everything you may be in need of is on here, it's not Amazon and paper towels aren't trendy. If you are in need of buying everything you could ever need to shove into a few stockings this year, I definitely recommend the brilliant shopping tool known as

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