Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Fix: Beauty

Our grandmothers always have those ridiculous rituals and remedies that can fix anything from frizzy hair to broken nails. Sometimes, it's good to tune in when they give us that tried and true advice. Here's a few ways to quick fix and resolve your classic beauty ailments. These are my favorites, which I have used countless times.

1. Out of shaving cream? Reach for any old conditioner. It even softens the hairs making shaving a breeze. I like v05 because it's usually a dollar and it's only for shaving.

2. Out of make-up remover? Vaseline, baby soap, baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and even shortening can remove that makeup without irritating your eyes. That said, being oil based, wash your face extremely well as these items will be hell on pores.

3. Yellowish nails? Fight yellow with yellow. Cut a lemon in half and scrub away.

4. Want ridiculously awesome eyelashes even without mascara? Heat up your eyelash curler for a few seconds with a blow dryer. WARNING: Test it with your hand first, if it's too hot then WAIT FOR TWO SECONDS. Gawd, so impatient.

5. Trying to get that professional manicure look? Well, good luck with that. When I paint my nails it looks like a four year old painted them blindfolded. What I have picked up is, if you carefully put Vaseline on the skin surrounding your nails, the excess will just wipe away while nourishing your cuticles.
      Also, if you are not going anywhere for a while, then you can seal your nails with a clear coat on your skin (all the way around the edges.) After washing your hands a few times, it will just wear off the skin but stay on your nails giving it that extra deep seal.

6. Want sparkly chompers? Mix one part peroxide and one part water in place of mouthwash, unless you want that mintyness, then by all means, in fact I encourage using both.

7. Looking a little red from a blemish? Freeze that baby with a cold spoon, and cover it up with a green based concealer, if you happen to have a matte green eyeshadow, mix it into your concealer. Apply the greenish one first, let it set, then apply more plain concealer until blended.

8. Want to immediately rid your lips of dead skin? Ew grossss. You put on your lipstick but the flakes from your lips made it all uneven! PANIC. Really, pull it together by removing that lipstick, moisturizing with a product that is alcohol free, and rub your lips gently with an exfoliater or just a q-tip. The key to great lips is hydration. Just make sure you've blotted excess balm off before apply the lipstick.

9. Want non greasy hair without washing it? It happens, you don't have time to shower. I get it. I personally love dry shampoo but should you be in a bind and not have it on hand, put your head over a sink or bathtub and rub in cornstarch or baby powder into your scalp. Then take a blow dryer and remove any traces. It works better on light hair of course.

10. Don't want to overdo your eyeliner? There is a trick called "tightlining" Tightlining is a made-up term for when you take a sharp black or brown eyeliner and line your upper waterline from underneath your eyelashes rather than above.Basically what you want to do is just draw directly onto the base of your eyelashes. This trick hides your eyeliner while creating the illusion of thicker lases. I do not recommend you do this daily as your eyelashes could break if they are brittle.

There you have it, my top ten beauty related fixes. What tricks have been passed onto you?

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