Friday, November 15, 2013

And the lipstick shade of the season is........PURPLE!

Violet, Mulberry, Periwinkle, Plum. SO MANY SHADES OF PURPLE. Before we get into each vibrant lip color, let me state the facts. Not all trends work on everybody. Your complexion plays the most vital role in choosing the right shades. For instance, if you have a pale complexion that bright orange will not work on you no matter how exclusive that limited edition Nars lipstick was. Here are a few pointers for picking out the perfect purple. (Say that ten times fast.)

 For the ladies as pale as a ghost, myself included. Darker colors are beautiful but if you go too dark you will look more washed out. Try to pick a shade that is more on the blue side of the spectrum. So less of the burgundy/purple tones. Bonus: Bluish tones make your teeth whiter!

Warmer skin tones, or for those of you that refuse to put down the bronzers. You guys are golden, go ahead and rock that Red-Violet or Mulberry.

Dark skin tones a slightly brighter shade of purple would be beautiful. Try to go for pink undertones. Avoid any pastel lilac-lavender colors.

 If you do decide to wear a vivid shade, tone down the rest of the makeup. No smokey eyes, make your blush neutral, and keep the eyeliner down to MAYBE a cat eye.

 Every outfit is different, so I can't say don't wear purple lipstick with..... Just make sure that if you have a whole lot going on with a billion colors and accessories then pick a more toned down shade.


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