Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fashion Icon: Fran Fine

Long before I even became a nanny myself, I had seen every episode of The Nanny starring the irreplaceable Fran Drescher. Big hair, tiny skirts, kick ass graphics, Fran knew how to put it together. In every episode the unbelievable wardrobe and hair team would create a masterpiece to match Fran's personality. She went through all the trials of womanhood that we all can relate to. You need a bigger shoe size, aging, single over thirty, fixing your mistakes. Fran made the ultra-90's fashions look amazing. Shoulder pads were encouraged. Leopard print, a must. Velvet? You better believe it. The best part is that she would occasionally be in charge of dressing the kids. Accompanied by great characters like Niles and my favorite Yetta, there was always a joke lined up. The Nanny was a show that could make you smile, laugh, and want every damn fluffy robe and slipper combination Fran had. Even though the show came to an end in 1999, we still honor every beautiful ensemble worn by Miss Fine.

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